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Are you interested in 2020 skincare trends? Multi-Tasking Products.

What is the most exciting skincare trend to you? In my previous blog post, I discussed the "new" skincare trend dealing with the microbiome. I hope you enjoyed it. Today I would like to tackle the idea of "multi-tasking " skincare. Skincare that is streamlined to accomplish many tasks with one use.

What do I mean by multi-tasking skincare? Well, it means just what it says, we are looking for skincare products that handle more than one issue at a time. For example, a gentle facial cleanser that exfoliates and provides moisture all at the same time with one use. A facial cleanser like that would be amazing, and to have it 100% organic and chemical-free a total bonus!

This facial cleanser would have to have natural ingredients like rosemary extract, alpha hydroxy acid, pure Castille liquid soap, Magnesium, to mention a few. This type of cleanser would be gentle but, at the same time, able to cleanse deep into the pores. The presence of alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) further means it would lightly exfoliate skin layers. AHA visibly brightens the skin, which in turn reduces the appearance of surface lines & blemishes. AHA promotes blood flow and increases the absorption of the other nutrient-rich ingredients in the facial cleanser. This ingredient further promotes collagen production. Perhaps the best ingredient for the treating and prevention of acne.

Rosemary extract is another fantastic "multi-tasking" ingredient. It rids the skin of acne, stretch marks, and cellulite. You will have a boosted immune system while also increasing blood circulation. It is a natural facial astringent and detoxifier. In the end, this amazing ingredient rejuvenates the skin to feel like new!

Castille liquid soap is naturally hydrating due to the natural glycerin that absorbs moisture from the air, which provides moisture to the skin. Castille liquid soap is also a natural, free radical protection rich with antioxidants, vitamin A & E that protects from cell degeneration. This protection delays the appearance of wrinkles and aging. Castille liquid soap does not clog pores as it encourages natural shedding of dead skin cells, which keeps pores clear & clean. This soap is also rich in nutrients, and it contains an anti-inflammatory compound (oleocanthal), which eases skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne swelling.

Honestly, a "multi-tasking" skincare product, wouldn't you agree?

Putting together all the above benefits of the ingredients so far and add another rock star Magnesium. Magnesium will show up in another one of 2020's trends blog post that deals with minerals & electrolytes. When this superstar is added to Castille soap and Rosemary extract, you get this multi-tasking ingredient. An ingredient than helps manufacture proteins that transform into collagen. Magnesium assists protein molecules that stimulate chemical reactions in the body that charge natural functions. (over 300 in total). Magnesium is vital to the absorption of essential vitamins & minerals that, in turn, rid the body of harmful toxins. This fantastic ingredient also helps cellular regeneration and repair. That means the skin recovers quickly when under attack, for example, sun damage and environmental pollution.

There are more fantastic "multi-tasking" ingredients mixed into this one of a kind facial cleanser. It is not only a "multi-tasking" product, but it is natural and kind to our beautiful environment.

Take it from a customer from their review below:

"I LOVE this cleanser, it smells so good and leaves my face clean and silky smooth, I give this product an A+, I also give their customer service an A+ they are very prompt…"

Toni I

I know you are asking yourself, where do I find a fantastic facial cleanser like this? Look no further than the picture links below.

Please take note that all the skincare products that we handcraft in small batches are "multi-tasking" products. Every ingredient we use in these fantastic products is there for a reason.

They are literally "whole food" for the skin!

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