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We have new partner! Click the links. Enjoy!

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

We have awesome news! B Andrew Skin Care has begun a partnership with a fantastic person who actually lives her truth, and by the way, uses our excellent skincare.

We are pleased to introduce you to Dina Avanitakis. We have known Dina for years. She is a very accomplished lawyer, writer, realtor, and dancer. Dina's greatest accomplishment is her family; a loving husband and three amazing boys.

Dina has written the book "Turn Heads At Any Age." This book is the story of her personal journey and hard-fought knowledge. Dina's belief structure fits perfectly with that of

B Andrew Skin Care. Dina deals with body, diet, prevention, and detoxification, among many other questions in her book. The book is a personal journey and extremely easy to read. We also recommend it as an inspirational read. Andrew & I were so taken with Dina's work that we decided to begin a partnership. Since B Andrew's deals with your skincare, being the "outside" of the body, we naturally loved Dina's views on the "inside" of the body.

We both believe in totally organic & healthy lifestyles. We understand the effects of chemicals and the environment around us how our food is polluted with toxins and preservatives. Dina believes in the power of healthy whole foods, as our product work like "whole food for the skin", together we all make the perfect team.

Together we have begun a new mission to bring healthy living & truly organic skincare to the people. B Andrew Skin Care wants you to check out Dina's fantastic website (full of exciting information and recommendations). Just follow the links tagged on Dina's picture and the links below. Read her book "Turn Heads At Any Age." found on (link)

Our combined Mission statement :

Our mission is to educate and empower you to harness the healing power of nutrition and nature to help you feel and look fabulous from the inside out. We create a lifestyle that focuses on inspiring you to become healthier so you can enjoy a better quality of life without chemicals or artificial promises.

Thank you

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