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Anti-pollution skincare, do you know what it means?

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Let's discuss a new 2020 skincare trend dealing with anti-pollution. The first part will deal with the visible, physical pollution such as bottles, toxic ingredients, and packaging. Secondly will deal with the more prominent role, how your skincare works for your body as a whole.

In our modern world of skincare, there are environmental issues that have arisen. Materials such as plastics, toxic chemicals, and extras like "bath beads." It is frightening to think of the number of poisonous ingredients washed down our drains every day. These chemicals wash into our waterways and end up in the oceans. Newer trends like "bath beads" are being found in the stomachs of the wildlife we rely on to support our lives.

Please, when buying your skincare products, use products that have only natural ingredients. Ingredients that are not chemical or toxic to the planet.

Remember, when buying your products that the containers should be easy to recycle. If you use the idea of "multi-tasking" skincare in my last post, you will cut down on bottles, etc. In general, this side of "anti-pollution" skincare, please try to make choices not only for yourself but for the environment.

Now for the essential side of this topic. Modern skincare is full of pollutants such as parabens, toxic preservatives, sulfates, petroleum by-products, and liquid plastics. Today we have to be so smart to understand half of the ingredients in many of our daily products. (We won't even tackle the pollution all around us in our daily lives in this post. Save that for another 2020 trend called "clean beauty.") Our skin is our first line of defense, and it absorbs everything we put on it. If there are toxins in our products, it is left to our liver to cleanse them from our system. Remember, anything that is on our skin absorbs into our liver in a matter of seconds. These chemicals can cause skin issues like psoriasis, eczema, and cancer. The build-up can become overwhelmingly toxic to our ecology.

Skincare that is true "anti-pollution" has natural ingredients that have antioxidants, minerals, and essential vitamins. Our environment and food supply do not have these crucial elements for our bodies in today's world. The supplement market cannot handle the deficiencies in our diet. Only a healthy green diet, hydration, exercise, and pure skincare are the options we have to ensure beautiful skin.

In closing, your "anti-pollution" skincare should act like "whole food" for the skin. In turn, not only will your skin thrive, but your entire body will feel healthier. Remove the chemicals and toxins from your daily routine and buy products in recyclable containers. Take care of our planet, and it will take care of us.

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