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Why Natural Skincare?

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Why natural skincare is a question, you should ask yourself before putting anything on your skin. Our bodies are inundated every day with chemicals. Chemicals are found in our water, food, and given to us by our doctors at an alarming rate! In this modern world, pharmaceuticals and potentially lethal chemicals are a part of our daily lives. There is precious little we can do to avoid our potentially toxic environment. We can take control of our diet, exercise, and understand what we put on our skin. Our control of these things is growing more limited by our modern world. The use of pesticides, hormones, and preservatives make our food sources extremely limited. B Andrew Skin Care recommends a healthy diet, plenty of exercise, lots of hydration (distilled water especially), and genuinely organic skincare. Skincare is where we excel!

B Andrew Skin Care takes a very different view on ingredients and skincare in general. We invested in a cosmetic laboratory to add validity to our brand. Within that laboratory, we are in complete control of what ingredients we purchase and eventually use. We are proud of our "handcrafted" products: we spent decades researching the effects of plant-based ingredients. Our Founder Andrew Guilfoil has found a way to formulate the products to preserve B Andrew Skin Care products naturally. We do not need to use chemical preservatives or fillers.

Our research shows that many products that claim to be organic or natural use ingredients that are chemically enhanced or derived from real plant ingredients. Our products have cold-pressed essential oils, dried whole plant material, natural clays, carrier oils, and vitamins. The products are made with distilled water to ensure purity. We found that the one essential element that needed to be included to provide proper absorption of vitamins and minerals in our skincare. That element is magnesium. We are born magnesium deficient, and that deficiency grows larger the older we get. Magnesium ensures the absorption of vitamins and minerals at a cellular level. Our skin is the largest organ in the body; it protects everything else. Our skin filters all outside free radicals (harmful chemicals & elements), so it makes sense to protect it the best way possible. B Andrew Skin Care products are formulated as "whole food for the skin." All our ingredients are vegan except for honey in the Cleopatra Herbal Serum. We created a second serum to rectify a 100% vegan product line.

B Andrew Skin Care is proud that all of our product ingredients come from nature and, therefore, may return to nature without harm. All our packaging is recyclable, and we designed it that way. We take our responsibility to the human race and the planet very seriously, so seriously, in fact, we even put it in our mission statement.

B Andrew Skin Care creates a product that works so well that our customers continue to use the products for years. Our customers vary in age, income, and have various skin types. A few of our customers swear by our product's healing effects. We have "rave reviews" from customers with healthy skin to severe conditions related to chemotherapy after cancer treatments.

In closing, our tag line "Only The Best Naturally!" is meant in two ways. First, is to reference the ingredients we use to create our amazing organic products. Our ingredients are pure and processed entirely by hand. Essential oils are cold-pressed with no fillers. Distilled water and magnesium are crucial cornerstones to ensure our skincare products are absorbed at a cellular level. They do not just sit on the skin but are incorporated into the layers of the skin to aid healthy functions of the skin. Second, our tag line means what it says. We believe you deserve only the best, and it should be a skincare company's business to ensure the best ingredients in their products. Naturally!

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