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Natural Cleansers!

In these uncertain and challenging times, we wanted to take a moment to offer some help with natural cleansers. With the outbreak of Coronavirus worldwide, B Andrew Skin Care wanted to make sure you and your families knew the following information to help protect yourselves.

The following ideas are to assist cleaning your household surfaces and items. Remember, natural ingredient cleaners need time to work, for example, letting them sit for 10minutes, instead of a bleach spray that works immediately. Of course, bleach is lethal to the environment, and your health if absorbed. At the end of this post, I will include a simple few recipes to try.

I will start with a few essential oils and their unique properties.

Lavender Oil, Geranium Oil, Clary Sage, & Rosemary Oil:

These fantastic oils not only smell great, but they have excellent antibacterial and antifungal agents. An example of one of the natural properties is called Alph-terpineol. It is a potent antifungal and antimicrobial agent. Clary Sage Oil is the best example of Alph-terpineol

Next is Hydrogen Peroxide. When using Hydrogen Peroxide, you must remember to let it sit on the surface for 15/20 minutes before wiping it down. You can clean anything, including toilet bowls. You can add it to your laundry to brighten whites. Be careful if you use stronger Hydrogen Peroxide solutions; wear gloves to protect your skin.

You could add one of the above oils to add a punch and pleasant smell.

Another great cleanser is Sodium Bicarbonate( Baking Soda). Make sure you by a more "organic" brand so the heavy metals will be lower. Baking soda is made up of oxygen, hydrogen, carbo, and sodium molecules. To make baking soda work better, you need to add an acid to enhance its cleaning properties. We recommend raw lemon juice, then add water. The usual rate is one parts water to two-part baking soda to create a paste, then add lemon juice/oil. This paste will clean stains, grout, counters, and any surface. Careful not to scrub too hard, it may scratch softer surfaces.

Baking soda is excellent for brightening whites in your laundry and for whitening your teeth.

Distilled vinegar is another excellent cleaner. It may be pungent, but fantastic for removing bacteria, mildew & mold. The reason it is so good at cleaning is the Acetic Acid it contains. (Side note: do not mix with baking soda because it will foam and react together.)

You can use vinegar as a solvent (dissolving soap scum, etc.), a deodorizer, it is an acid, and finally, as a very effective disinfectant.

Be sure to wipe down all surfaces with clean water after using vinegar as a cleaner.

I hope that we have given you some new ideas about how to clean your homes without toxic chemicals. Please remember chemicals like bleach are destructive to not only the environment but also to your health. Using the above ideas will not only clean well but protect your health. Below are a few solutions we use to clean surfaces of bacteria, dirt, and scum.

Enjoy the solutions. Be happy and healthy in these trying times.

B Andrew Skin Care share love and light to you and your families.

Solution #1

Antimicrobial & Anti-bacteria Spray. You will need the following ingredients.

1- Tablespoon Clary Sage Oil

1- Tablespoon Lavender Oil

1- Cup Hydrogen Peroxide (over the counter)

1- 1/2Cup of distilled water.

Clean spray bottle. Clean rag.

Solution #2

Whiting scrum. To clean surfaces of grease, soap scum, and dirt.

2- Cup of Baking Soda

1- Cup distilled water

2- Tablespoons Lemon oil

( Be careful of soft surfaces, as may scratch)

Use Distilled Vinegar for everything!

" Only the best naturally!"

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